In order to understand, we must also take into account the individuality of an individual. There is no one “my friend won’t like me, this psychologist is not calmer, he/she is referring to my fellow colleague’s temper”. We all possess certain characteristics and exhibit unique patterns of behaviour. It is up to us to acknowledge this reality and grab the opportunity to capitalize on our strengths and have the ability to recognize our weaknesses, or to ask for input from a valued friend or colleague. The next step is to learn about ourselves.

When we understand our tendencies, we can work on improving our behaviours that will enhance our performance. The more we understand our human behaviour, the easier it is to put into practice what we learn. If we’re interested to know each other better, how we react under pressure, and how we feel about the people we’re talking to, can all help us to understand each other better. It is the third step in our journey that requires more courage and strength and to build up self-confidence. We have to accept ourselves to be able to overcome difficulties and to learn from our mistakes. No one else is living the life you’re living, no one has been through the troubles that have faced your life and no one can really be your confidant as you are. With this, we learn to start looking out for ourselves.

Knowing ourselves better, we are able to visualize turmoil in a much clearer form, design effective reactions and avoid the frustration and helplessness we can have when things are just not going well. We also know ourselves better and understand the fact that we must never give up or be bitter when things are down. It takes courage and a highly developed sense of self in order to make this known to the world. If we don’t know what is wrong with us and what we should do next, it should be harder to develop solutions as we need to search around for the best options to reach our goals or better our world. Knowing ourselves better is a proactive exercise, not an automatic solution for courses the world is waiting to give us.

Human beings tend to have an innate desire for mastery as studies have shown us that mastery is very important to our health and well being, thus must also be looked upon as a key to a successful life. Knowing ourselves more, we come to realize that it is impossible to be perfect every time. Listening to our inner voice and good input from trusted friends in our lives, is a way to a more accurate self evaluation. As we build a strong foundation in our self identity, we rely on this wisdom to guide our relationships with the outside world.

Knowing ourselves more, enables us to take action that will help us grow in terms of wealth, health and extraordinary happiness. This is the journey we must take when considering why qualities such as warmth and brightness are considered admirable in the first place. People tend to be splendiferous when they’ve become comfortable in their own skin. Once it becomes a part of our lifestyle as a way of life we can experience a whole new world, as we know ourselves in our inner best and consciously feel the need to improve ourselves.

Understanding ourselves better brings us to a state of sustainability as we are not merely a flesh and bones individual, but a spirit.