Daily Bulletin

Monday, August 13, 2012



Be sure to read our Student-Parent Handbook online at pgmiddle.org.  Click on the Resources page. 


Students are not allowed to have any open FOOD or DRINKS inside the school building, unless carrying outside to consume. No running, pushing or  shoving in the hallways and CEL PHONES are not to be seen in the hallways at anytime during the school day.


The YMCA is offering soccer beginning in September.  Sign-ups are going on now.  Pick up a flyer in the office if you are interested.


Skateboards and scooters are not allowed on campus.  Please do not ride them to school.

Bicycles are allowed but they are to be walked while on campus and stored in the locked bike area.


Do not vandalize the bulletin boards in the hallways.  Drawing on them, pulling things off of them, poking holes in them or adding items to them without permission are all considered vandalism. 


Beginning Thursday after school, Jamba Juice will be here selling their yummy fruity concoctions out front of school.  The proceeds go to the PE department.  The plan is for them to be here every Thursday!  Jamba Juice drinks are not allowed inside the school buildings.


The Lost and Found cart is located upstairs near Room 24.  There are already many items there.  Check the cart to see if your missing item is there.  Students who find items on campus may turn them into the office.